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Recent Faculty Publications

Below is a running list of faculty’s most recent publications, mostly in refereed and peer-reviewed journals. Information about current research projects and a particular investigator’s body of work is available through the research project descriptions and individual faculty profiles and CVs.
Note: * denotes student author. ‡ denotes a community partner author.

 Arlene B. Andrews. (2012). American Bar Association Supplemental Guidelines  for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams in Death Penalty Cases: Implications for social work. Social Work, 57(2), 155-164. doi: 10.1093/sw/sws033

Christina M. Andrews, Shin, H. C., Marsh, J. C., & Cao, D. (2012). Client and program characteristics associated with wait time to substance abuse treatment entry. The American Journal Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Early Online, e1-8.

Hardesty, M.. Cao, D., Shin, H. C., Christina M. Andrews, & Marsh, J. C. (2012). Social and health service use and treatment outcomes for sexual minorities in a national sample of substance abuse treatment programs. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 24, 97-118.

Paxton A.E., Suzi D. Baxter, Tebbs J.M., Royer J.A., Guinn C.H., Devlin C.M., Finney C.J. Nonsignificant relationship between participation in school-provided meals and body mass index during the fourth-grade school year. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 112:104-109, 2012. doi:10.1016/j.jada.2011.08.037.

Paxton-Aiken A.E. (co-first author), Suzi D. Baxter (co-first author), Tebbs J.M., Finney C.J., Guinn C.H., Royer J.A. How accurate are parental responses concerning their fourth-grade children's school-meal participation, and what is the relationship between children's body mass index and school-meal participation based on parental responses? International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 9:30, 2012. doi:10.1186/1479-5868-9-30.

Rita J. Chou. (2012). Resident-centered job satisfaction and turnover intent among direct care
workers in assisted living: A mixed methods study. Research on Aging, 34(3), 337-364.

Rita J. Chou. (2012). Discrimination against older workers: Current knowledge, future research
directions, and implications for social work. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 26(1), 25-49.
(Special issue on gerontological social work; guest editor: Dr. Barbara Berkman, Columbia

Bowles, M.*, Dana D. DeHart, & Webb, J. (2012). Family influences on female offenders’
substance use. Journal of Family Violence, 27(7), DOI: 10.1007/s10896-012-9450-4.

Dana D. DeHart. (2012). Perfecting the craft: Formative assessment of a university-agency
partnership for social work education. Social Work Education: The International Journal, DOI:

McLeer, J.*, & Dana D. DeHart. (2012). Juvenile delinquency and childhood instability: Role of residential mobility, school mobility, and caregiver consistency in girls' status offending. The
Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma.

Maryah S. Fram & Kim, J. (2012) “Segregated from the start: peer context in center-based child care” Children & Schools.

Maryah S. Fram, Frongillo, E.A., Draper, C.L. & Fishbein, E. (2012) Development and validation of a child-report assessment of childhood food insecurity and comparison to parent-report assessment. Southern Rural Development Center.

*‡Darcy A. Freedman, Whiteside, Y.O., Brandt, H.M., Young, V., Friedman, D.B., & Hebert, J.R. (2012). Assessing readiness for establishing a farmers' market at a community health center. Journal of Community Health, 37, 80-88.

*‡Friedman, D.B., Young, V.M., Darcy A. Freedman, Adams, S.A., Brandt, H.M., Xirasagar, S., Felder, T.M., Ureda, J.R., Hurley, T., Khang, L., Campbell, D., & Hebert, J.R. (2012). Reducing cancer disparities through innovative partnerships: A collaboration of the South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network and federally qualified health centers. Journal of Cancer Education, 27, 59-61.

Ahmedani, B. & Robert Hock. (2012). Health care access and treatment for children with co-morbid autism and other psychiatric conditions. Social Psychiatry And Psychiatric Epidemiology Published Online First, DOI: 10.1007/s00127-012-0482-0

Mooradian, J., Robert Hock, Jackson, R. & Timm, T. (2012). What couples who adopt children from child welfare want professionals to know about supporting their marriages. Families in Society. 92(4): 390-396.

Sadye L. Logan. (2012). Cultural and Ethnic Sensitive Practice. In Oxford Universities Press Bibliographies Online: Social Work. Ed. Edward J. Mullen. New York: Oxford University Press.

Huong Nguyen. (2012). Linking Buddhist temples with social work: A new model for social service delivery in Vietnam. Vietnamese Sociological Review, 117, 1, 23-35.

Ronald Pitner, Scott, L., & DeLoach, K. (2012). When deficits are misplaced: A comparison between African-American and White college students on qualitative and structural dimensions of interpersonal relationships. Journal of African American Studies, 16 (3), 511-536.

Yu, M., Nebbit, V., Lombe, M., Ronald Pitner, & Salas-Wright, C. (2012). Understanding tobacco use among urban African American youth living in public housing communities: A test of Problem Behavior Theory. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 37 (8), 978-981.

Ronald Pitner, Yu, M., & Brown, E. (2012). Making neighborhoods safer: Examining predictors of residents’ concerns about neighborhood safety. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 32 (1), 43-49.

Powers, M., Darcy A. Freedman, & Ronald Pitner. (2012). From snapshot to civic action: A photovoice facilitator’s manual. Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health (CES4Health.info), 2012. Available at http://bit.ly/OjCuL8

Dennis L. Poole, Durgesh Kumar. (2012). [Editorial]. The limits of sustainability and opportunities in the social economy. Social Work, 57, 95-99.

Anna Scheyett, Pettus-Davis, C., McCarter, S., Brigham, R. (2012). Social work and criminal 
justice: Are we meeting in the field? Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 32 (4).

Anna Scheyett, & Rooks, A. (2012). University students’ views of psychiatric advance directives.
Journal of American College Health, 60, 90-93. DOI:10.1080/07448481.2011.572326

Cheri Shapiro, Prinz, R., & Sanders, M.R. (2012). Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation of an Evidence-Based Parenting Intervention to Prevent Child Maltreatment: The Triple P-Positive Parenting Program. Child Maltreatment, 17,1, 84-93. DOI10.1177/1077559511424774.

Michelle L. Thomas. (2012). The Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Clergypersons and Mental Health Professionals. Pastoral Psychology, 61(1), 99-112

Randolph, K., Pippin Whitaker, & Arellano, A. (2012). The unique effects of intervention strategies in health promotion campaigns: A review. Evaluation and Program Planning, 35, 344-353.

Pippin Whitaker. “DELTA III Summative Evaluation Report.” Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence report to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, April 2012.

Pippin Whitaker. “DELTA III Evaluation Plan.” Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence report to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, April 2012.

Terry A. Wolfer. (2012). Religion and spirituality in health social work. In S. Gehlert & T. A. Browne (Eds.), Handbook of health social work (2nd ed.; pp. 263-290). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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