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LaQuita Cowart, an MSW student, wasn’t sure she would be able to attend graduate school. Her parents were both ill at the time—her father with a fatal brain infection, her mother enduring a second bout of breast cancer—causing her take a year off during her undergraduate studies and forcing her to work while attending school. As she says, “receiving the Mike and Debra Dubose Scholarship meant a lot to me because it just made things easier on me financially.”

Other student scholars receiving fellowships also expressed gratitude, and the COSW brought these students together with donors for a luncheon on April 25. “The luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to meet the recipients of the Dorothy Crouch Kemp Fellowship,” Yancey Wise, one of the donors in attendance, said. “They are both lovely, gracious young women, and it is a blessing to be able to support them.”

Asia Jami, an MSW candidate (pictured here with Yancey Wise) and one of the recipients of Wise’s Kemp Fellowship, is thankful that she was able to avoid additional student loan debt due to the scholarship. She currently interns at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, assisting veterans with cognitive processing therapy. Her career interests, however, lie in assisting abused children, and her ultimate goal is to work with the Department of Social Services.

“It’s not unusual for students to graduate with an average of $38,000 of student loan debt, so these scholarships are truly lifelines for them,” said Dean Anna Scheyett.

Donors to the College of Social Work have assisted Kumar Durgesh, a PhD candidate, not just financially, but also with advice. For the past two years, Kumar, who has a background in microfinance, has developed a curriculum that combines finance and social work in addition to teaching a class on the subject. He claims, “The economic and advisory support that we are getting from the donors has really helped us get all of the pieces from academia and also from the field….That is phenomenal.”

The luncheon was an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the College of Social Work student scholars and introduce them to the donors who have supported them.

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