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Dr. Teri Browne wins NKFSC Chairman's Award

The National Kidney Foundation of South Carolina has presented Dr. Teri Browne with their 2013 Chairman’s Award, which T BrowneCUrecognizes her outstanding vision, generous commitment, and support of their organization. Dr. Browne has been involved with the Foundation nationally for 18 years and has been a part of the local Foundation for 5.
Dr. Browne serves on the planning committee for the Foundation’s annual Patient Empowerment Day, which aims to help kidney patients and their families learn about kidney disease, connect with other patients, and meet with experts in the field. This year, Columbia’s Patient Empowerment Day was the largest in the country.
According to Dr. Browne, “Working with the National Kidney Foundation helps ensure that my research is patient-centered. You want to conduct research that matters to patients and come up with problems and solutions that matter to patients, not just academics. It also provides an important opportunity for the College because kidney facilities are the only area of healthcare that mandates that social workers have MSWs. This makes kidney research an important and exciting area for social work study.”
For the last three years, Dr. Browne has been overseeing a team of three graduate and five undergraduate students from the College of Social Work. As part of their activities, the students volunteer at the National Kidney Foundation of SC. They contact patients, work with dialysis units, and help events run smoothly.
Felix Weston, one of Dr. Browne’s research assistants, said, “Dr. Browne has been one of the single greatest influences in my love for research and this wonderful field of social work. She is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable in regards to her work and it has been an honor and a privilege to learn from her. The work that Dr. Browne has done and is continuing to do will help millions of individuals who suffer from kidney disease, and she is very deserving of her award.”

Pictured from left to right: BSW Student Keenan Fisher, BSW Student Cassidy Shaver, MSW student Felix Weston, MSW student Caitlin Horan, MSW student Lesley Jacobs, Dr. Teri Browne, BSW Student Valare Stiling


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