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On July 22nd, Dr. Maryah Fram, associate professor at the College of Social Work, was featured in @UofSC’s article, “Professor says Teaching is a Privilege”.

The article highlights her love of teaching and the joy she receives from dynamic connections she has with students. According to Fram, the greatest honor she has received, even above professional accolades, was the honorary induction by the Phi Alpha National Honor Society for Social Work,


"It was absolutely tremendous," Fram says. "There's a lot of awards that you can get
professionally, but there is nothing that could mean more to me than an honor from my
students saying that I've done something that's made a difference to them." (@UofSC)

While Fram states that her first love is teaching, she also enjoys research. With a diverse background in early childhood education and child development, feminist theory, and child and family social work, Fram uses a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine structural causes of inequality, and to develop new practices aimed at enhancing child and family well-being.

"I care really deeply about kids," she says. "That's what brought me to the profession. Learning
more about what will help kids, preparing students to work with kids, these are all really
important things to me. My job is enormously fun. It's an incredible privilege to have a job
where you're paid to think and to teach." (@UofSC)

Click here to read the full article and get to know Dr. Fram.

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