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Each year, the College of Social Work makes a promise to its students and the communities it serves to better the lives of those who thrive in South Carolina. This semester, the College is extending that commitment by welcoming six new faculty members who share the same promise to better the lives of those they serve. It is through our faculty members that learning begins, community efforts are initiated, and lives are changed for the better.

The College of Social Work welcomes Dr. Daniel Freedman as Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the BSW and Social Work Minor Programs; Dr. Sung Seek Moon as Associate Professor and Director of the MSW Korea-based Program; Dr. Shaun Owens as Assistant Professor for the SmartHOME™ Initiative; Dr. Kristen Seay as Assistant Professor; Dr. Patricia Sharpe as Professor; and Dr. Margriet Wright as Clinical Assistant Professor.

Banner InteriorPageFreedmanTaking on a more administrative role as the Coordinator of the BSW and Social Work Minor Programs, Dr. Freedman looks forward to delivering quality products for students enrolled at the University. As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Freedman’s focus is on clinical practice, with an emphasis in behavioral health, addictions, and mental health.

Banner InteriorPageMoonDr. Moon is working as the new Director of the MSW Korea-based Program. Fluent in Korean and English, Dr. Moon is working to develop both sides of the Korea-based program in the U.S. and in Seoul, Korea. Through multicultural and international efforts, Dr. Moon hopes to develop a research center that creates a worldwide network for social work.

Banner InteriorPageOwenDr. Owens is an Assistant Professor for the SmartHOME™ Initiative. In this capacity, Dr. Owens will be working alongside Dr. Sue Levkoff and Dr. Jenay Beer as they advance technologies that aid in allowing elderly individuals to remain independent at home. He will work with students from the College of Social Work and the College of Engineering to develop software that help individuals make informed decisions about their health.

Banner InteriorPageSeay2As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Seay is dedicated to improving the lives of families affected by parental substance use. With a passion to help parents achieve what is best for their children, Dr. Seay will equip her students with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve families’ situations and lives.

Banner InteriorPageSharpeDr. Sharpe is a Professor with a particular focus on health disparities among the underserved population. Using research to guide policy and practice, Dr. Sharpe looks forward to molding her students into community researchers and practitioners, where they will use their skills to create healthier community environments.

Banner InteriorPageWrightDr. Wright is working at the Columbia and Charleston campuses of the College of Social Work as a Clinical Assistant Professor. Using a community-based approach, Dr. Wright plans to bridge research and practice for a lasting difference within the community. Her focus covers a variety of areas, including trauma and the individual, and relational and organizational factors that contribute to client satisfaction.

While each of these faculty members brings a different area of focus to the College, they all share a common vision to advance future social workers through applied learning. It is through their students and the applied learning tactics, that the College of Social Work promises to help improve resources for community wellness, and provide outlets and services for those facing challenges. We welcome these faculty to the College and look forward to watching them grow with their students and the community.

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