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TED videoThis year Dean Scheyett was invited to speak at Columbia’s annual TEDx event. Each year, several speakers are nominated, interviewed, and selected to speak for 18 minutes or less on a subject of which they are very knowledgeable, usually related to their profession. Dr. Scheyett spoke on the importance of social workers and how they can be seen as super heros.

The purpose of Dr. Scheyett’s presentation was to break the stereotypes of social workers. She emphasized that social workers are to make change happen, promote community and social well-being, as well as, see and understand the inter-connection between people, families, communities, laws, and policies. Most commonly, social workers help people overcome challenges they may experience in their lives.

During the event, Dean Scheyett received positive feedback from the attendees. Other people throughout the social work field have requested to use information from Dr. Scheyett’s speech. Be sure to view Dr. Scheyett’s presentation. Considering that her TED talk has been on YouTube for only a couple of weeks, she has gotten several thousands of people to view her speech and respond positively!

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