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By Morgan Smith

After 46 years of offices and classrooms spread out all across campus, disconnecting students and professors by several blocks, the College of Social Work finally has its own building to call home.

hamilton entrance

Hamilton College, originally built as a naval training base in 1942, now accommodates the College of Social Work in its Pendleton Wing.

The building underwent a $17.5 million renovation that brings Hamilton College up to speed with some of the university’s more modern architecture. The building is fully equipped with state of the art technology, conference rooms, offices, numerous classrooms and a computer lab.  

With all of the College of Social Work’s resources and amenities in the same building, students and professors now have a single place to learn, gather and build relationships.

Allison James, a junior social work major, said she has already seen the benefits of having all of her professors and advisors in the same building as her classes.

hamilton lobby

“It’s so much more convenient,” James said. “My freshman year the old building was in Desaussure, my classes were all over the place and my advisor was in a different building. It’s so much easier to have them all right there.”

James said that she and her professors already have a much better relationship because she can stop to see them, ask questions and even just say hello.

Not only has the new building made student life easier and shown immediate benefits between student and faculty; advisors and professors are now closer to their colleagues, which makes it easier to collaborate on curriculum and research.

According to Dean Anna Scheyett, the third floor of the Pendleton Wing connects directly to the Department of Psychology, which aids them in research and social work development.

“It turns out that a number of our collaborators from psychology are just through the Pickens street connector,” Dean Scheyett said. “We didn’t even know that was going to happen.”

Students, faculty and staff all have their fair share of excitement for the building and its amenities. Whether that is the easier connection between people in the college, the educational opportunities that arise from the technological features or the restored architecture of the building, people appear to be satisfied with the move to Hamilton College.

The College of Social Work’s dedication ceremony is on Friday, September 11 at 10:30 a.m. President Harris Pastides, Board of Trustees member John von Lehe, and alumna Carla Damron, executive director of the South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, will speak at the ceremony, followed by student-led tours and light refreshments.


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