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Marcia taylorCongratulations to doctoral student Marcia Taylor, who was selected to receive a Harriet Hampton Faucette Award from Women and Gender Studies! The Faucette award is designed to assist Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate students with research and professional development. Proposed research must be consistent with the mission of Women’s and Gender Studies to reconceptualize knowledge, create new knowledge, and/or reinterpret existing knowledge through the lens of gender and the prism of diversity. 

Ms. Taylor received this award in support of her participation in the National Women’s Studies Association conference, something she attended because she is part of their Women of Color Leadership Project. At the conference Ms. Taylor was able to network with scholars in her field and participate in a professional development program.

Ms. Taylor’s research project is titled Revisiting Intersectionality: A Framework for Addressing Health Disparities among African American Women. The primary goal of this research is to explore theoretical frameworks that may provide an appropriate foundation for engaging African American women in community-based participatory research, around issues of health and wellness. An additional goal is to explore best practices for conducting culturally based and culturally focused intervention research with African American women.

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