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Inaugural Integrated Behavioral Health Symposium


Field education is a signature component of social work education. The CoSW Field Education Office works diligently to prepare students for their work in agencies and other field settings, emphasizing professional skills such as interviewing, professional presentation of self, and outreach to potential agencies or employers. The Office recently created videos to help students with interviews for field placements. The videos cover everything from making initial contact with a field agency, interview preparedness, and dress code, to appropriate self-disclosure and answering behavioral questions. Videos are available for view below:

Calling a Prospective Field Organization (3.5 minutes) – staring Allison Crossley, David Firman, Steven Nicolson and Leanna Portera
MSW Intern Interview (8 minutes) – staring Allison Crossley as the MSW student and Jennifer Bosio-McArdle as the Intern Coordinator

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