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Kyunghee MaKyunghee Ma, a CoSW Ph.D. student, has received two grants to further her research, “Acculturation Stress and Depression among International Students from China and India at the University of South Carolina” from the USC Office of Research and the Shorelight Education Research Project. Ms. Ma’s research explores the relationship between acculturation stress and depression among first-year international students from China and India at USC and also examines the moderating impact of social support on depression. Her studies focus on students from collectivist Asian cultures because these students are more vulnerable to the negative impact of acculturation stress on mental health due to cultural emphasis on internal regulations and stigma associated with mental illness.
The USC Office of Research sponsors the Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity (SPARC) grant to provide funding but also to give students the experience of preparing a competitive grant application. The Shorelight Education Research Project is a pilot effort to encourage research about international student success at our partner universities. This is the inaugural distribution of funds.

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