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IMG 1002The College of Social Work is proud to thank our dedicated donors for their continued support of our students. In April, we hosted the annual Donor-Student Appreciation Luncheon where we connected donors with the students they support. While the CoSW has a long history of producing social workers with the education, experience and drive to promote social well-being and social justice, we also know that our students often need the same types support and advocacy they are learning to provide for others. Student hardships can develop from the stress of attaining basic necessities and looming debt. The support of our donors helps bridge the divide between financial barriers and student success. Ebone Smith-Morant, a 2017 MSW graduate of our Charleston program and recipient of the Sarah and Sally Campbell Youth and Family Fund Fellowship, enlightened guests with how she has benefitted from receiving the fellowship award and talked about her experience handling the aftermath of the 2015 floods in rural South Carolina. As a result of her efforts, Ms. Smith-Morant developed a program that provides holiday gifts to children. Edikan Ndon, a recipient of the Dorothea Crouch Kemp Fellowship, shared her desire to return to her native Nigeria upon completion of the MSW program to help establish a network of social support for displaced families. As an international student, she found attaining financial resources for her education challenging. The fellowship alleviated stress, allowed her to focus more on her studies, and she will be graduating debt-free.

Supporting the College of Social Work through immediate gifts and endowed scholarships and fellowships opens educational doors and set a strong example to other potential supporters for generations of students to come. With the generous donations and legacies from our donors, alumni, and friends, the College of Social Work can prepare the next generation of social workers to make the world a better place.

To make a donation to the College of Social Work, go to https://giving.sc.edu/supportanarea/collegesschools/collegeofsocialwork.aspx.  

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