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Students in the CoSW’s Advanced Social Work Aging Theories class, along with Dr. Katherine Leith, participated in a Green Building/Universal Design home tour sponsored by Tim and Alysia Kehoe (construction management) and Stan O’Brien (builder/owner). Tim is a certified Aging in Place Specialist and holds Green Building  Residential Construction certifications with emphasis on universal design. He helped the students understand the concept of universal design:  creating environments that are usable and effective for all ages and all abilities.  Specifically, Tim demonstrated for the students how building a home according to universal design standards can resolve a number of accessibility issues, ensure a more responsive living environment, and facilitate the process of aging in place. The universal design features of the home the students toured highlighted very clearly environmental press can be lessened or even eliminated to ensure greater person-in-environment fit, even if the person has a physical or cognitive disability. 

Opportunities for students to have real-world experiences with the topics discussed in classroom enhance learning and help grow stronger social workers.

Persons shown (from L to R): Courtney Haynes, Denise Wittig, Dr. Katherine Leith, Amanda Bohrer, Rachel Shrewsbury, Alysia Kehoe


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