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The Graduate Certificate for Social Work with Military Members, Veterans, and Military Families

For information about Military 101, an online course offered for CEUs, click here.

WelcomeHomeHugMore than ever, social workers and other human service and health professionals need up-to-date information about the challenges veterans, military personnel, and their families encounter. The need for human service professionals trained in the specific problems associated with military members, veterans, and military families will continue to expand. This graduate certificate program provides social workers with essential knowledge to meet the emerging needs of this population.

The Graduate Certificate for Social Work with Military Members, Veterans, and Military Families provides MSW students with specific knowledge and skills necessary to interact in a military setting and in community settings where the needs of veterans and their families are met.

The program is designed to help students develop the following competencies:

  • Understand the military and military culture
  • Understand the signature injuries associated with different military conflicts and those associated with military life
  • Understand and develop relevant skills in effective strategies for working with this diverse population

Curriculum Requirements
The Certificate requires 18 credit hours of coursework. Four courses are required and two are electives chosen based on the student’s personal interests. These electives can be taken within the College of Social Work, or may be taken in other university units as approved by the Program Director.

All students are required to take:

  • SOWK J737: Overview of Social Work Practice with the Military, Veterans, and their Families
  • SOWK J738: Military Mental Health and the Impact of Trauma
  • SOWK 739: Intervention Strategies with Military Populations
  • SOWK J758: Dynamics of Substance Abuse

MSW students in the program will be required to enroll in field education internship settings where they will have the opportunity to interact and develop skills in serving military personnel, veterans, or family members and receive supervision appropriate to the focus on the certificate program.

If a military field education internship is not available despite the student’s best efforts, the student may petition Dr. Nancy Brown and the Field Office for an exception.  The student must then find a placement that is military relevant, if not military specific, i.e. where the student will have the opportunity to interact with military, veteran’s, and/or their families.  To ensure clarity of expectation and rigor, the student will have at least one military specific entry in their field learning contract, that will specify the activities in which they will engage (e.g. set up a group for military children at a school, work with veterans who come to the shelter, do outreach education on addictions services at all Yellow Ribbon events in SC).  This military-relevant element of their learning contract must be approved by Dr. Nancy Brown as well as the Field Office.

The Graduate Certificate for Social Work with Military Members, Veterans, and Military Families is administered by the College of Social Work.

For additional information, contact
Dr. Nancy K. Brown
College of Social Work
(803) 622-2573
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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