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The Graduate Certificate for Social Work with Military Members, Veterans, and Military Families

The online course, Military 101 will be again be available in June 2015.


The College of Social Work remains committed to serving the needs of Military Members, Veterans and their Families. The Graduate Certificate for Social and Behavioral Health with Military Members, Veterans, and Military Families (name change is pending approval) is now open to professionals in interdisciplinary fields, with easier access through online distributed learning coursework.

The Graduate Certificate Program has four required courses and two electives. We continue to support our students in the MSW program by making it easy to complete the program with an additional 9 hours of coursework in addition to the requirements for their MSW program. Professionals who have graduated within five years may find that they can transfer in up to 9 credit hours from their graduate level program (depending on which courses they have taken). Generally, those who have recently graduated are likely to be able to transfer 6 of their graduate credit hours.

The Graduate Certificate in Social Work with Military Members, Veterans and Their Families requires three military specific courses and one course in Addictions:

  • SOWK 737, Overview of Social Work with the Military, Veterans and Their Families educates students about military populations, culture and identifies the needs of active duty service members and their families.
  • SOWK 738, Military Mental Health and the Impact of Trauma explores the contemporary concerns that military members, veterans and families face in today’s world, including Post-traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide, and Substance Abuse.
  • SOWK 739, Intervention Strategies in Military Behavioral Health and Combat-related Issues examines health, behavioral health and rehabilitation issues confronting military members and veterans.
  • SOWK 758, Dynamics of Substance Abuse explores issues around drugs and addiction that are relevant to health and mental health, including classification of drugs, models of addiction and introduction to treatment and special populations

The other two courses required to complete the program are electives, chosen by the student to further their understanding of the issues facing today’s military members, veterans and their families. Courses such as “Loss and Grief,” “Psychopathology,” or “Crisis Intervention,” are a few examples of the electives available to students in the program.

To apply, please click here.

Contact Nancy Brown, Program Coordinator, for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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