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MSW Program Options

MSWProgramOptionsStudents’ background and needs vary, so the MSW program offers several options. MSW Student Manual

For students without a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW):

  • Full-time program
  • Part-time program

For students with a BSW:

  • Advanced standing program full-time

Requirements for the degree of the Master of Social Work degree include the completion of 60 hours for all regular full-time and part-time students and 42 hours for Advanced Standing students, with an average grade of 3.0 (B) or better on all classroom courses and a grade of “S” on all field instruction courses. All advanced standing students are required to complete an on-line Professional Writing Skills Assessment to determine whether they must register for or can waive the Writing for Professional Practice course.

All work for the Master of Social Work degree must be completed within a six-year period.  Other general requirements for the Master of Social Work degree are the same as those established by the Graduate School of the University and are in accordance with accreditation standards established by the Council on Social Work Education.  Students should familiarize themselves with academic regulations of the Graduate School which are found in the graduate bulletin.

The academic requirements for the part-time program are exactly the same as those for full-time attendance.

Admission Packets for Newly Admitted Students

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