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Stacy Smith  (Ph.D. student)


Stacy Smith received a BA in Applied Psychology from Belmont Abbey College and MSW at Winthrop University. Before enrolling in the PhD program, Stacy worked in direct services and management at a non-profit community health center. As a youth employment and job skills development case manager, Stacy worked with local businesses to secure summer employment for youth in foster care and impoverished backgrounds. In the housing and neighborhood services division of municipal government, Stacy worked in policy analysis, program development, and evaluation. In the field of child protection, Stacy provided direct services to children and families, in addition to policy analysis, program development, and evaluation. Stacy is a USC IQP Certified Spanish interpreter and translator, and has served in various settings as an interpreter. She began her research training at Winthrop University’s Center for Social Welfare Research and Assessment. From there she went on to an evaluator role with the SC Department of Social Services Human Services Division. As a Research Assistant at the CoSW, Stacy works with Dr. Maryah Fram and her research interests include social work’s unique position to address the intersections of individual experience with issues of food insecurity, poverty, economic exploitation, and environmental degradation. Stacy’s academic advisor is Dr. Dennis Poole.

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