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Ms. Blackmon met Dean Scheyett shortly after she became the Dean of the College of Social Work, and soon after was asked to help the college with its development committee. Ms. Blackmon said she wasn’t completely aware of the impact the College had on the community until she attended a student luncheon this past spring.

“I was so impressed with every one of these individuals,” Ms. Blackmon said. “It really spoke volumes about what the College of Social Work is about and how dedicated these students are to what they are doing.”
She sees social work as a way to give back to the state and a great way to make a human connection to everything that goes on. “Social work is so human and so personal, but I believe that the turning point for me was those students. They were fascinating, intelligent, caring and articulate and had a vision that I never had dreamed of when I was that age, so it is very motivating,” Ms. Blackmon said.

She believes she and her husband’s decision to donate to the College of Social Work can also be credited to the Dean’s and the faculty’s and staff’s ability to engage people and communicate the immediate impact that their work has on the community.

Ms. Blackmon hopes to continue to support the College of Social Work through donations and help more people outside of the university understand how outstanding the impact the College of Social Work truly is.

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