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Sallie Campbell, MSWCampbellS

 “Social work has always been a part of me. I’ve followed in my mother’s footsteps and I want the influence of our work to be passed down from generation to generation—to live on from our memories together—while helping others. My mother would have been happy with this fellowship and proud that I chose to support the College.”

Sallie Campbell, ’80, believes in the College’s promise. Honoring her mother and the difference she made as a social worker inspired Campbell to establish the Sarah and Sallie Campbell Youth and Family Endowment Fund. Like this fellowship, your gift can help provide ongoing support for social work students who focus on mental health, youth, and families.

Mike DuBose, MSWDubose M

“What motivated me to build my career and my philanthropy has been my love for my wife, my family, and God. I believe that giving to charities and to colleges, like the USC College of Social Work, is a wise investment because we are building our community and future leaders. I don’t think there can be a better feeling in one’s heart than knowing you helped others.”

Mike DuBose, ’79, believes in the College’s promise. He and his wife, Debra, established the Mike and Debra DuBose Scholarship Endowment Fund to provide support for MSW students with demonstrated financial need and to help our students as they seek to transform lives through their careers as social workers.

Jo Conner, MSWConnorJ

“Seniors must not be warehoused; they must be given creative choices,” she said. “They need to be treated with dignity, stimulated as lifelong learners, and encouraged to contribute to their communities.”

Jo Conner, ’71, believes in the College’s promise. She believes an outstanding Carolina education benefits all students, including the most non-traditional; she was in her 40’s when accepted.  She gives back to her college because she believes in the value of a social work education that provides new ways of thinking about people and their circumstances. She hopes others will follow her lead. Conner has long been concerned with what she considers a lack of creative opportunities in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Conner’s endowed fellowship in gerontology will enhance the College of Social Work’s ability to attract doctoral students whose research will be beneficial to seniors.

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