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DeHart to Seek Greater Support for CoSW Research

DHart 350x350Dana DeHart, PhD, said she will be looking for new ways to support the work of researchers in her new role as the CoSW’s assistant dean for research support.

“My main task for this first semester is to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, meeting with all faculty as well as incoming PhD students and post-docs,” Dr. DeHart said. “This is to learn about their individual needs for research support as well as to establish an agenda for building research infrastructure as a college.”

Dr. DeHart also said she wants to make faculty research more accessible for teaching, practice, and policy.

Dr. DeHart received her doctoral degree in experimental psychology from the University of Louisville in 1995, and worked with the CoSW’s Center for Child and Family Studies from 1997 to 2012. She has been a research associate professor and member of the graduate faculty since 2009.

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