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Faculty and Students Represent COSW at NASW—SC Spring Symposium

COSW NASWMany College of Social Work faculty and students not only attended the Spring Symposium of the South Carolina chapter of the National Association of Social Work, but they also presented.

Mary Ann Priester, a PhD student, presented with Dr. Dana DeHart and Dr. Teri Browne: “Evidence-based Interventions for Tri-morbid Trauma, Substance Use, and Mental Disorders.”

Dr. Browne also presented “The ACA: Opportunities for Social Work to Improve Health Parity” and served as a panel presenter for the session “The Affordable Care Act: What Social Workers Need to Know.”

Poloko Ntshwarang, a PhD student, presented “A Study Project on Community Development: Insights from Botswana.”
Jennifer Butler, an adjunct professor in the BSW program, presented “Understanding and Treating Self-Harm Behaviors.”

Tori Charles, a first year doctoral student who is also serving as secretary on the NASW-SC Board of Directors, presented “Vulnerable to Valuable: All Conversations Matter” along with two co-presenters from Winthrop University.

Dr. Susan Parlier presented alongside BSW student Joseph Cerniglia and MSW student Leah Leventhal to present “SW Reinvestment Act (SWRA): Building the Profession’s Future.”

Jennie Ann Cole, a third year PhD student, presented “Homelessness from the Perspective of Storytelling with Formerly Homeless Participants” and service on a panel on activism.

Candice Morgan, a PhD student, presented “Rates and Characteristics of Violent Death Victims Among Recently Released Prisoners: Stories Behind the Numbers” and co-presented with MSW student Makarios Tabor on “Visual Service Plans: Creating Better Outcomes with Diagram-Based Logic Models.”

Dr. Daniel Freedman, a clinical assistant professor, presented “Meaning-Centered Treatment in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders.”

Dr. Kristina Webber presented “Closing the Achievement Gap by Combating Stereotypes: A Brief Writing Intervention” with co-authors Natasha K. Bowen and Kate M. Wegmann, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Suzanne Sutphin, a research assistant professor, presented “Working with Kinship Caregivers: Identifying and Addressing Service Needs.”

Dr. Pippin Whitaker, an assistant professor, presented “Youth Capabilities and Leadership Action for Teen Dating Violence Prevention” along with Tamara E. Savage, a PhD student.

Meredith Powers, a PhD student, presented “Ecological Justice: Roles and Responsibilities for Social Workers” along with several MSW students.

Carrie L. Draper, a field supervisor and adjunct instructor, presented “Integrating Social Workers into the Public Library Setting” along with MSW students Yhoselin Gonzalez and Kimyatta Cousar.

In addition, Dean Anna Scheyett facilitated the student panel for the conference, and Michael Ottone, a field clinical instructor, attended the symposium as president of the NASW—SC.

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