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Margriet de Zeeuw Wright, PhD, MSW

Making Change Happen

“Translational knowledge is what it is all about,” says Dr. Margriet Wright, referring to her work as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the College of Social Work. She explains that it is her role to equip her students with knowledge and skills in the classroom so that they can translate those skills to making a lasting difference within the community.

Dr. Wright came to social work through a grassroots women’s shelter movement. “I saw and experienced the power of collaboration, of people working together behind the scenes to make communities safe, and to send the message that every person matters.”

It was through these experiences, Dr. Wright says, that she gained appreciation for all that the College of Social Work does for those it serves. As a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College, she plans to teach her students about the importance of authentic human connection.

“It’s those human connections and experiences that create a context for growth,” says Dr. Wright. “If my students find a connection to the community they are serving, I have no doubt they will develop positive, lasting effects that make a difference in the families who thrive there. And in so doing, I know they will grow and develop themselves, too.”

Research Background

Dr. Wright considers herself a “pracademic,” that is, a practical academic. Years of community-based social work practice ground her thinking, teaching, and research. Her research interests relate to the complexity of the helping process and the individual, relational, and organizational factors that impact client satisfaction. Employing qualitative research methods, Dr. Wright seeks to understand the experiences of those served by our efforts.

Wright M

Contact Information
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office: 803.777.7178
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Major Classes Taught
  • SOWK710 - Social Work Practice in Groups
  • SOWK722 - Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
  • SOWK726 - Supervision and Case Consultation

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