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Rhonda DiNovo, MSW

Making Change Happen

Professor Rhonda DiNovo is a born teacher. “I knew early on that I wanted to work with people, and I’ve always had a love of teaching,” she explains. From playing school on the weekends as a child to now inspiring a new generation of social workers, DiNovo has always been committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

DiNovo brings a broad base of knowledge to the COSW, having worked in substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment throughout her career. Now, she finds similarities in the work of a professor and direct service: “there has always been some modality of teaching” in her practice, she says. Whether counseling in a group setting or individually, or leading prevention education initiatives, teaching has been woven through her social work practice. 

Educating others is her calling, and she’s reminded why at the graduation ceremony each year. “There is no greater satisfaction than at the end of spring semester,” she explains.  “When the students walk across the stage, to know that I contributed to their love of learning and becoming a professional social worker,that’s incredibly rewarding.”

DiNovo has a lot to give to her students due to her extensive experience in the field of behavioral health. She hopes that her students realize that they have much to offer, too. “It’s a wise, wonderful decision” to become a social worker, she says, and she strives to help the students realize the impact they can make.

Research Background

Trained as a social worker and prevention specialist, DiNovo uses evidence-based prevention strategies to provide leadership for communities and organizations developing systems and processes directed at preventing and reducing high risk behaviors related to alcohol and other substance use. Her work emphasizes comprehensive assessment and evaluation, strategic planning, capacity building and collaboration with a variety of community partners to create an environment that engages youth and families in healthy, low-risk behaviors. DiNovo also has expertise in Brief Motivational Interviewing techniques utilized in assessment and intervention with substance using clients who are preparing for behavior change.

Rhonda DiNovo
Contact Information
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  • Office:
  • Curriculum Vita
Major Classes Taught
  • SOWK 710 - Foundations of Social Work Practice in Groups
  • SOWK 712 (J50) - Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • SOWK 724 - Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups
  • SOWK 725 - Advanced Social Work Practice with Families 
  • SOWK 726 - Social Work Supervision 
  • SOWK 732 - Organizations and Communities 
  • SOWK 733 - Administrative Skills
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