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Melissa Reitmeier, PhD

Director, Field Education

Making Change Happen

Dr. Melissa Reitmeier is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Director of Field Education at the College of Social Work. Dr. Reitmeier has always had a passion for empowering others and addressing social injustices. Her drive to make change happen brought her years of experience as a behavioral health practitioner advocating for clients with multi-diagnostic needs, both as a therapist and as a program evaluator at a public interest law firm advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

As Field Director of Education, Dr. Reitmeier brings together her passion for helping vulnerable populations and her desire to contribute to social work education. She says that field education is crucial to translating what students learn in the classroom into applicable practices. Dr. Reitmeier works with community partners and field instructors to prepare social work students to engage, identify, and solve social problems. She’s particularly interested in finding innovative ways for social work students to engage with community issues so that both students and communities can benefit from the field education process.

Research Background

Trained as a dialectical behavior therapist and a social worker, Dr. Reitmeier uses various research methods and program evaluation to discover effective practices for social work education. Her work emphasizes building professional competencies of graduate level students so they become effective practitioners. She uses a range of research methods, including qualitative clustering methods as well as quantitative intervention research methods. Dr. Reitmeier’s research interests include social work education, nonprofit management, supervision, and rural poverty.

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