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Research Projects

Title Faculty Year
Impact of Incarceration on Families Dana DeHart, Principal Investigator
Cheri Shapiro, Co-Investigator
Kathleen Hayes, Co-Investigator
An Examination of Incremental Benefit of Two Parenting Approaches for Enhancing Child Outcomes: Mutual Support and Behavioral Family Intervention Arlene Bowers Andrews, Principal Investigator
Pippin Whitaker, Co-Investigator
Cheri Shapiro, Co-Investigator
Steven Lize, Co-Investigator
Assessing the Effects of PASOs’ Efforts to Improve Latinos’ Access to Healthcare Steven Lize 2013
Atlanta Neighborhoods Study Kirk Foster 2013
Landscape Survey and Opportunities to Support Family Engagement for Youth Academic Success Cheri Shapiro, Principal Investigator
Kathleen Hayes
Psychometric Properties and Test-Retest Reliability of the Resource Generator-US Kirk Foster 2013
The Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Community Engagement among Members of Urban Churches Kirk Foster 2013
Understanding the Relationships among Child Food Insecurity, Diet Quality, and Physical Activity in Non-Metropolitan versus Metropolitan Households Maryah Fram 2012-2013
Curriculum Development and Implementation – Home Again Cynthia Flynn, Principal Investigator 2012-2013
 Food for Thought Program Maryah Fram 2012-2013
Comprehensive Modeling of Diffusion of Evidence-Based Practices Christina Andrews, Consultant 2012-Present
Effect of Religiosity and Spirituality on Determining the Timing of Institutionalization of Loved Ones to a Long-Term Care Facility Gil Choi, Principal Investigator 2012-Present
Visiting Scholar in Gerontechnology, Dr. James L. Fozard Sue Levkoff, Principal Investigator 2012-Present
COPASCities: Childhood Obesity Prevention in SC Communities Darcy Freedman, Co-Investigator
Terry A. Wolfer, Co-Investigator
Development of a Community-based, South Carolina Geriatric Outreach Program Terry A. Wolfer, Co-Investigator 2012-2015
In the Community Mental Health Training for Social Workers Program Nikki R. Wooten, Co-Investigator 2012-2015
Protecting Children Online: Using Research-Based Algorithms to Prioritize Law Enforcement Internet Investigation Dana DeHart, Co-Investigator 2012-2015
Text Messages for Older African Americans with HIV Sue Levkoff, Co-Investigator 2012-2014

Assessing Community Change through Photography
Darcy Freedman, Principal Investigator
Ronald Pitner, Co-Investigator
Disparities in Phosphate Binder Adherence among Hemodialysis Patients: A Mixed Methods Study Teri Browne 2012-2013
Domestic Violence Listening Project on Community Context and Victim Needs Pippin Whitaker 2012-2013
Dynamic Risk Factors for Youth Recidivism Cheri Shapiro, Principal Investigator 2012-2013
Enhancing Social Work Field Education: Decision Cases for Field Terry A. Wolfer, Principal Investigator
Melissa Reitmeier, Co-Principal Investigator
Evaluation of the South Carolina Pervasive Developmental Disorders Program Robert Hock 2012-2013
Exploring Factors Influencing Implementation of a Physical Activity Intervention for Girls Aidyn Iachini 2012-2013
Exploring New Parents’ Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Barriers to Help-Seeking Robert Hock 2012-2013
HIV/AIDs Prevention among Women over Fifty - South Carolina Launch Sue Levkoff, Pippin Whitaker 2012-2013
Identifying Youth Capabilities and Leadership Action for Teen Dating Violence Prevention Pippin Whitaker 2012-2013
Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Training, and Intervention for Youth with Mood Disorders in Schools Aidyn Iachini, Co-Principal Investigator
Mark Weist, Principal Investigator
Mary Ellen Warren, Co-Principal Investigator
Linking Buddhist Temples with Social work: A New Model for Social Service Delivery in Vietnam Huong Nguyen 2012
Nonprofit Community Engagement Capacity Index: Research in Two States Dennis Poole 2012 
 Social Work 222: Social Welfare Institution, Policies, and Programs Susan Parlier, Principal Investigator 2012
Teaching Leadership through Service to Community-Based Organizations Darcy Freedman, Principal Investigator
Aidyn Iachini, Co-Investigator
Arlene Bowers Andrews, Co-Investigator
The Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Clergypersons and Mental Health Professionals Michelle Thomas 2012
The Setting of Solutions within a System: Understanding the Theoretical Frameworks and Implementation Process of Solution-Focused Family Therapy Michelle Thomas 2012
Transition Experiences of Student Athletes after Leaving University: Risk and Resiliency Factors Anna Scheyett 2012-2013
Child Welfare Quality Assurance Cynthia Flynn, Principal Investigator
Suzanne Sutphin, Co-Investigator
 Connecting for Kids Suzanne Sutphin, Lead Evaluator, Principal Investigator, and Training Coordinator 2011-2013
When Development Means Political Maturity: Adolescents as Miniature Communists in Post-War, Pre-reform Vietnam (1975-1986) Huong Nguyen 2012
Life on the Other Side:  Poverty, Low-Income, Material Hardship, and Food Security Susan Parlier 2012 

Military Social Work Competency in Social Work Professionals
Nikki R. Wooten, Principal Investigator 2011-Present
A Mixed Methods Study of Military and Deployment Experiences of Army Women Nikki R. Wooten, Principal Investigator 2011-Present
Self-Directed Online Training for Multicultural Dementia Caregivers Sue Levkoff, Co-Investigator 2011-Present
A Sensor Based Remote Monitoring System to Prevent Falls in Older Adults Sue Levkoff, Co-Investigator 2011-Present
Voices and Visions of SC Youth in Transition Monique Mitchell, Principal Investigator 2011-Present
Internet Crimes against Children: Development of a Typology of Offenders for Use in Prevention, Investigations, and Treatment Dana DeHart, Co-Principal Investigator 2011-2014
Always Coming Home: A Qualitative Analysis of Female Veterans’ Experience Nancy Brown
Cathy Brookshire, Co-investigator
Assessing the Impact of South Carolina Family Independence Program on Three Cohorts of TANF Entrants Quiduan Liu and Cynthia Flynn 2011-2013
Early Identification of Substance Use and Psychological Problems in Army Women Veterans Nikki R. Wooten, Co-Principal Investigator 2011-2013
Examining Treatment Adherence among the Parents of Children with Autism Robert Hock 2011-2013
How Can Communities and Households Protect Children from Very Low Food Security? Darcy Freedman, Co-Investigator 2011-2013
Mapping Neighborhoods for Crime and Ownership Ronald Pitner, Principal Investigator 2011-2013
Teaching Clinical Social Work Practice with Black Families Sadye Logan 2011-2013
Stress and Gains of Caregivers for Older Adults with Dementia: A Collaborative Research Project with the Greenville Hospital System, South Carolina Rita Chou, Co-Principal Investigator 2011-2013
Treatment Services Linkages after Discharge from Detoxification Christina Andrews, Co-Investigator
Co-Investigator: Maria Bruni, PhD
Violent Deaths in Post-Prison Releasees: A Study Using the NC Violent Death Reporting System Anna Scheyett and Steven Lize 2011-2013
 A Social Network Pilot Study for African American and Other High Risk Adolescent STI and Behavioral Assessment Naomi Farber, Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Robert Valois
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Study Christina Andrews, Data Analyst 2010-Present
National Youth in Transition Database Monique Mitchell, Principal Investigator; Cynthia Flynn, Grant Writer  2010-Present
Family Networks Project: Strengthening Families and Reducing Maltreatment Risk in Children with Developmental Disabilities Cheri Shapiro, Principal Investigator 2010-2013
The Purchase and Provision of Social Work Training and Evaluation for DSS Staff and Agents Cynthia Flynn, Principal Investigator 2010-2013
Children's Dietary Recalls: Prompts, Retention Interval, and Accuracy Suzi Baxter, Principal Investigator 2010-2014
First Longitudinal Study of Missed Treatment Opportunities Using DoD and VA Data Nikki R. Wooten, Co-Investigator 2010-2014
Creating Healthy Environments through Community Engagement Darcy Freedman, Principal Investigator; Ronald Pitner, Principal Investigator 2010-2013
The New Standards Consortium: Bringing Victim Service Standards into the Next Decade Dana DeHart, Principal Investigator 2010-2013
Types and Topics of Social Work Dissertations, 1998-2000 and 2008-2010: A Content Analysis Miriam Johnson  
Deployment Risk and Resilience among Global War on Terrorism Army National Guard Women Veterans: Biopsychosocial and Mental Health Outcomes Nikki R. Wooten, Principal Investigator 2009-Present
South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network Darcy Freedman, Co-Investigator 2009-2014
School Meals and BMI Percentile: Secondary Analyses of Non-Self-Report Data Suzi Baxter, Principal Investigator 2009-2013
Social Networks and Pathways to Transplant Parity for Black Hemodialysis Patients Teri Browne, Principal Investigator 2009-2013
Social Work Joy Terry A. Wolfer, Principal Investigator 2008-2013
Interpreter Qualification Project and Interpreter Services Cynthia Flynn, Principal Investigator 2007-2013
Deaf-Blind Project Cynthia Flynn, Principal Investigator 2003-2013

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