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Inaugural Emerging Physician Scientist Faculty Fellows Named

Three University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine (SOM) faculty members have been named the 2018-2019 Emerging Physician Scientist (EPS) Faculty Fellows.

 The inaugural award recipients are:

The three faculty members will participate in a 15-month program that aims to facilitate new and innovative, interdisciplinary, translational research with an emphasis on diseases and conditions that impact South Carolinians. The EPS program includes training in translational research and grant development, as well as mentorship from experienced researchers. Each of the EPS fellows will receive a $20,000 pilot grant to fund projects that will support the development of extramural funding opportunities.

Holloway’s project aims to develop and test a novel concussion assessment and graded exercise assessment that would help prevent premature return-to-play, especially in young athletes. Badmus’ research will focus on breast cancer in South Carolina, particularly hormone receptor negative breast cancers, to explore the role of personal characteristics, comorbidities and geographic location in relation to diagnosis and outcomes. Barringhaus’ study will determine whether exercise regulates miR and HDL-miR expression profiles, laying the foundation for developing personalized cardiac rehabilitation strategies for individuals. 

The EPS fellowship program is a part of the Research Center for Transforming Health, a new center dedicated to making it easier for faculty members and clinicians to do research that will have practical outcomes for patients.

“This program is a cornerstone of enabling the success of the next generation of clinical translational investigators,” says Christine Turley, M.D., director of the Research Center for Transforming Health, “Our support of investigators as they work on unraveling big challenges in healthcare and medicine leads to healthier futures for South Carolina.”

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