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School of Medicine Columbia


Our department's open-door policy means our dedicated faculty is always ready to give you personal attention, help you through a difficult topic or talk about your career. 

Simulation Training

We have access to state-of-the-art simulation training centers at Prisma Health and the School of Medicine that will dynamically illustrate the anesthesia processes and procedures. This interactive system teaches you both psychomotor skills and crisis resource management.

Simulations are an incredibly valuable teaching tool because certain patient situations are uncommon and it's very difficult to gain the experience you need to manage those problems. The simulators will help you practice for those unusual events and help you achieve the best possible outcome when you're faced with them in real life. 


The graduate program in nurse anesthesia (DNAP) is a 36-month program (nine semesters). 

Summer I  

Course Description Credit Hours
NURS 717 Statistics 3
NURS 790 Research Methods 3
NURS 707 Advanced Pathology
ASNR 700 Intro NA Practice 2
Total   11

 *All courses online


Fall I

Course Description Credit Hours
NURS 704 Health Assessment 3
NURS 737 DNP Foundations 3
NURS 805 Leadership
ASNR 795 Phys/Chem 3
Total   12

 *All courses online

Spring I

Course Description Credit Hours
PHPH 701 Physiology 6
ASNR 761 Basic Principles I 4
NURS 780 Health Systems
Total   13

*On-campus; NURS online

Summer II

Course Description  
NURS 819 EBP 3
NURS 781 Applied Tech 3
ASNR 762 B. Prin II (pop) 4
ASNR 771 Sim/Practicum 1
Total   11

 *On-campus; NURS online


Fall II  

Course Description  
PHPH 705 Pharmacology 6
ASNR 763 Advanced Principles 4
ASNR 773 Practicum I 2
ASNR 750* Policy/Ethics/Law 3
Total   15

*On-campus; ASNR 750 online

Spring II
Course Description  
ASNR 798 Biomed (genetics) 3
ASNR 797 Role of CRNA DNP/business 3
ASNR 775 Practicum II 6
ASNR 772 Seminar I 2
Total   14

*On-campus; ASNR 797 and ASNR 798 online

Summer III

Course Description  
ASNR 896 Teach/Manage for NA 3
ASNR 777 Practicum III 6
ASNR 897 DNP Project I 2
Total   11

 *On-campus; ASNR 897 online


Fall III

Course Description  
ASNR 760 Pain Mgmt/Ultrasound 2
ASNR 898 DNP Project II 2
ASNR 779 Practicum IV 6
ASNR 801 Simulation/PNB 1
Total   11

*On-campus; ASNR 760 online

Spring III

Course Description

ASNR 860 Pt Safety/Human Factors 2
ASNR 800 Integration of Concepts 2
ASNR 872 Seminar II 2
ASNR 781 Practicum V 5
ASNR 802 Sim Critical Events 1
Total   12

*On-campus; ASNR 860 and ASNR 800 online

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