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Weather Update: UofSC Columbia campus will be closed Friday, Sept. 30 due to inclement weather. Classes are canceled and only essential personnel are required to report to campus. See for updates.

School of Medicine Columbia

Tuition and Fees

 Tuition Item Resident Cost Per Semester Non-Resident * Cost Per Semester
Tuition $7,545 $13,128
Health Professions Grad Fee $800 $1,100
Tech Fee $300 $300
Enrichment Fee $685 $685
Books $350 $350
Room $3,492 $3,492
Board $828 $828
Personal $825 $825
Transportation $576 $576
Total $15,401 $21,284

 Total Cost 

 Tuition Item Resident Non-Resident
Application Fee-Graduate School $50 $50
Tuition $52,815 $91,896
Health Professions Grad Fee $5,600 $7,700 
Background Check $99 $99
Laptop Computer $1,750 $1,750 
Short Lab Coat $20  $20 
Gross Anatomy Fee $1,000  $1,000 
Medical Equipment $700  $700 
Tech Fee $2,100  $2,100 
Enrichment Fee $4,795 $4,795
Graduation/Matriculation Fee $80  $80 
Carolina Card (photo ID) $10 $10 
Books $2,450 $2,450
Room $24,444 $24,444
Board $5,796 $5,796
Personal $5,775 $5,775
Transportation $4,032 $4,032
Total $111,516 $152,697

All costs of the program are estimated based on current projections, except for tuition and fees, which are also subject to change with approval of the USC Board of Trustees.

Tuition Refund Policy (A3.14g) may be found at the following site:

*Students pay in-state tuition once SC residency is established. The University Registrar provides additional information on eligibility requirements for in-state tuition.


Financial Aid

We're happy to help you explore scholarships and loans to help you finance your education. You also have access to one-on-one and group financial aid counseling through the Medical School. Many of our graduate students choose to work directly with the University of South Carolina's main campus financial aid office. 

Complete your FAFSA application by April 1 to apply for:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan


Student Health Insurance

The School of Medicine Columbia requires you to have health insurance. For additional information, please visit the Student Health Services Insurance website.



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