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The College of Social Work

We collaborate with the local, national, and international community to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research, and service.

SERG mainpageKeepin’ It Real” – Student Success at CoSW

The Student Empowerment Resource Group (SERG) is a support network of College of Social Work faculty and staff who seek to develop programs and services that will provide basic crisis prevention and financial management assistance for students in need. Click here to read more.

Featured Faculty: Dennis L. Poole

dennis poole squareDr. Poole knows about building communities from the bottom up. A bricklayer by trade, Dr. Poole brings the same sense of rolling up one’s sleeves and laying “one brick at a time” to social work.

julia grimn squareCoSW adjunct faculty Julia Grimn, Featured in Social Work Today

Julia Grimm, LMSW, adjunct faculty in the College of Social Work, is featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Social Work Today due to her passion for social work. Click here to read more.

Donor Spotlight: Karen Blackmon

Blackmon Karen square“I was so impressed with every one of these individuals,” Ms. Blackmon said. “It really spoke volumes about what the College of Social Work is about and how dedicated these students are to what they are doing.”

Mary Ann Priester SquareDoctoral student Mary Ann Priester selected as one of the Breakthrough Graduate Scholars

This award is given to USC’s most promising graduate students who demonstrate phenomenal commitment to research and scholarly activity. Click here to read more.

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College of Social Work Notes

Castro, C., Wooten, N. & Coll J. (2016, January) Sixteen grand challenges for military behavioral health. Oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Social Work and Research. Washington, DC.

Feely, M. & Seay, K. (2016, January). The relationship of household income to further system engagement and service receipt in a child protective services-involved population. Abstract accepted for oral presentation at the Society for Social Work and Research 20th Annual Research Meeting, Washington, DC.

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