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VietnamMaymesterThis Maymester: Social Problems and Social Work in Contemporary Vietnam

Dr. Huong Nguyen invites students and faculty to study social problems and social work in Vietnam this Maymester.  Vietnam is the site of rich cultural diversity and home to about 86 million people. Globalization has largely contributed to Vietnam being one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Having opened its doors to the Western word since the mid-1980s, Vietnam has cultivated a cultural complex in which Western values intermingle with Vietnamese beliefs. With its new foothold on the global stage, the country thrives in a state of continuous redefinition and transformation.    

Since its decision to adopt a market economy in the 1980s, Vietnam has not only experienced vast economic growth, but has set its sights on “social reforms” one of which being the historic development of the social work profession. The Vietnamese government currently aims to train new and to retrain 60,000 social workers by 2020 to deal with social problems resulting from fast modernization, urbanization, and globalization.  

MOLISA 1Dr. Nguyen said, “The students I have taken to Vietnam before often told me that the trip was a life-changing experience to them. So that’s what I hope for this first cohort of USC students and faculty who are going to Vietnam: a life-changing experience. At the most basic level, I hope a trip to Vietnam will bring them new insights about what social work can be and what social workers can do.”

All USC students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty are eligible to apply.

If you are interested, this flyer contains more information.

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