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October 24, 2014

The College of Social Work was honored to welcome the visiting scholars Dean and Professor M.N. Parmar and Professor Bhavna Mehta from MS University of Baroda in India.

Dean M.N. Parmar has been teaching for over 17 years and his areas of interests are personal management training for youth working with community people. Professor Bhavna Mehta has been teaching for over 24 years and her areas of interest include women’s studies, social justice and human rights health & development.

During their visit Dr. Parmar and Dr. Mehta provided two lectures, on October 7th and 10th  Dr. Parmar spoke to  USC students, staff and faculty about “Community Development and Nonprofit Actions to Address Poverty in India” and Dr. Mehta spoke on “Women’s Issues, Violence, and Human Rights in India.” In addition, they spoke to several social work classes about social work in India, met with faculty and students from the Walker Institute and Women and Gender Studies, and visited several local agencies.

To download the latter presentation, please click here.

Dr. Parmar and Dr. Mehta came to USC through a Provost’s Visiting Scholars award.  Their visit is the first step in what will be an ongoing  collaboration in  teaching and research.

About MS University of Baroda, India
The idea of establishing a University at Baroda had engaged the attention of the Government of the former State of Baroda and its educational advisors long before the question of regional universities and decentralisation, reorganisation and reconditioning of higher education to suit the cultural educational needs of particular areas had taken root in the country. To learn more about MS University of Baroda click here.

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