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Alumnus TJ Rumler, MSW, was selected as one of the “Greenville Business Magazine’s Best and Brightest 35 and under” for his outstanding service in the community. Along with him, another alumna was highlighted in the same article. Lillian Sanders, LMSW, 2009 graduate of CoSW program.

Presented by Furman University, Greenville Magazine’s Best and Brightest 2015 recognizes the county’s leaders who are 35 and under. The 38 people who were selected come from a wide range of business areas and are selected for their commitment to serve and give back to the community.

“When I found out I was selected I felt honored and humbled,” Rumler said. “Accolades aren't always important to me, but this one meant a lot. Being from Greenville, it felt really good to be recognized for the work I do in our community.”

Rumler works as a Mental Health Specialist at Tanglewood Middle School to assist students who have academic and behavioral needs. He also works as a Residence Counselor at the Marshall I. Pickens Hospital in the Greenville Health System to support young patients with emotional disorders.

Rumler has worked as a case manager with Project Care and as a house manager at the Emergency Shelter to find housing for homeless individuals. He also worked with veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs and is a US Army veteran himself. He volunteers with the Greenville Junior Chamber and other community organizations.

“For almost every person I serve I can look at their situation and say, ‘this could have been me,’”Rumler said. “Often times I have actually been in their shoes myself. I just try to be the type of social worker I would have wanted when I was at my lowest.”

He credits his variety of experience to the MSW program of the University of South Carolina and is thankful to the program for helping guide him through his career.

“The MSW program gave me a foundation of practical knowledge and experience to ground my existing empathy and passion for serving others,” Rumler said. “Completing the program with so many extraordinary individuals from my cohort also provided me with a vast array of perspectives and ideas--and those definitely helped shape me.”

The community members chosen to represent “Greenville Business Magazine’s Best and Brightest 35 and under” come from a variety of business backgrounds. However, Rumler hopes to see more social workers chosen in the future.

“There are so many amazing people in our field, and unfortunately most are never recognized for their hard work and sacrifices,” Rumler said. “If you know of someone deserving, please take the time to nominate them next year so our profession continues to shine!”

More information about TJ Rumler and” Greenville Business Magazine’s Best and Brightest 35 and under” can be found here.

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