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Inaugural Integrated Behavioral Health Symposium

Vietnamese Delegation Travels to USC to Learn about Social Welfare Policies

Nguyen featureDr. Huong Nguyen has organized a two-week training program for 23 of Vietnam’s top government officials. The delegation is led by the Vice Minister of the national Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (similar to the US DHHS). Accompanying Vice Minister Doãn Mậu Diệp are directors, heads, and deputy-heads of different bureaus, and departments of the Ministry.

Social work is in its infancy in Vietnam, and the delegation members are interested in creating the infrastructure to support services to vulnerable populations, including children, people with disabilities, veterans, and people with mental health problems.

Starting September 16, the delegation is participating in lectures and presentations by COSW faculty and guest speakers. They are also visiting state agencies and nonprofits to see firsthand how policies are implemented.

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