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I. DeQuincey Newman Institute for Peace
and Social Justice

Social-Justice2The I. DeQuincey Newman Institute for Peace and Social Justice seeks to continue the mission of Reverend I. DeQuincey Newman by promoting social justice through interdisciplinary education, consultation, and research at the community, state, national, and international levels. Under the leadership of the director, Ronald O. Pitner, the Newman Institute is committed to promoting linkages between the university community, the broader community, and the region.

Reverend Newman speaks on the 1964 Civil Rights Act


    1. Serve as a catalyst and resource for transdisciplinary teaching and research on social justice issues
    2. Pursue high quality theoretical and applied research on processes and conditions that create and sustain social justice
    3. Stimulate policy development and reform on issues related to social justice
    4. Maintain and sustain a community-centered focus on outreach to under-served populations in South Carolina
    5. Prepare students in social work and other related disciplines to effect positive social change around social justice issues

Institute’s Priority Areas

The priority areas for the Newman Institute are focused on disseminating research, establishing community connections, and creating opportunities for student involvement with the Institute.

Research dissemination occurs mainly in the form of an annual Newman Lecture. This lecture serves as a vehicle for disseminating research information to the community on social justice-related topics. The Institute also seeks to sponsor one annual small grant award for a social justice-related research project that involves a collaborative team, consisting of a faculty member, a student, and a community partner.

Community connections occur mainly in the form of community dialogues on social justice-related issues, through venues such as town hall events and community forums, and through events sponsored by the Community Empowerment Center (CEC). Community connections also will occur through the establishment of an advisory council comprised of USC faculty, a student representative, representatives from other South Carolina universities, and key community stakeholders. Long-term goals are for the Institute to serve as a hub for scholars whose research examines social justice issues.

Student involvement is the key to sustaining the efforts of the Newman Institute. The purpose of student involvement is to encourage community engagement, advocacy, community education, and research. Student involvement will take many forms: social media dialogues; COSW student group engagement in social justice-related activities with the community; social justice film and dialogue meetings; and working with student groups at other local universities on social justice-related activities.

Social Media

Please visit the I. Dequincey Newman Institute for Peace and Social Justice page on Facebook.  You may view our calendar of events, take a poll, or participate in interactive discussions on a variety of social justice issues.  Each month we will focus on a specific issue to discuss.  Contact us and let us know if you have some topics you would like to see addressed.

Contact Information

Pitner Ron smallRonald O. Pitner, PhD
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Katrina SpignerKatrina Spigner, MSW
Consultant for Community Engagement
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Marcia Davis TaylorMarcia Davis Taylor, MSW, LMSW
Doctoral Graduate Assistant
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The Relationship of the Institute to the College

The Institute is situated in the College of Social Work and directed by the current holder of the I. DeQuincey Newman Chair. The Institute was conceived in partnership with the university, the College of Social Work, and interested community groups.

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