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Anna Scheyett, PhD, MSW, LCSW


Making Change Happen

As Dean of the College of Social Work, Dr. Anna Scheyett makes change happen by providing structure, support, and leadership for her faculty and students. From this, faculty members develop new knowledge, and students learn skills to tackle tough problems—thus making excellent social work happen. And as Dean Scheyett said, “Excellent social work makes change happen.”

While Dean Scheyett loves working with the faculty and students, she is also passionate about ensuring that the College of Social Work maintains strong connections with the community. “If there’s a place where a lack of well-being and a lack of social justice intersect, then that’s where social work needs to be,” she said. She’s inspired by the faculty and students who are creating such connections and community-driven projects every day.;

Dean Scheyett has been busy making change happen in her own research as well. For example, her research on North Carolina jails influenced policy around the treatment of incarcerated persons with mental illnesses. She has also focused on creating interventions to support university students with mental illnesses. Whether conducting research on mental illness or leading the College of Social Work to excellence, Dean Scheyett is making her mark on USC and the community beyond.

Research Background

Dr. Scheyett began her career as a social worker for adults with serious mental illnesses, and has focused her work on supports, services, and advocacy needed so that people with mental illnesses may live meaningful lives of recovery in the community. Her more recent work focuses on the intersection of mental illnesses and the legal system, and, because of her administrative responsibilities, mental health and university students. Dr. Scheyett’ s work uses a mixed methods approach and is grounded in ;a partnership model of  research design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination. The goal of her work is change at the practice and policy levels to increase well-being and autonomy in individuals with mental illnesses and other vulnerable populations such as those in the justice system.

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