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We collaborate with the local, national, and international community to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research, and service.

National Social Work Month 2018 webWhy is Social Work Important to You?

March is National Social Work Month, and the College of Social Work wants to know why social work is important to students and alumni. 

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Student Spotlight: Morgan Larch

Morgan Larch edited online

Senior Morgan Larch did not begin her collegiate studies at the University of South Carolina, but  she will graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).  

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Lessons for the Street

Police shootings are an often-discussed topic in the news and throughout the country. The College of Social Work’s I. DeQuincey Newman Institute for Peace and Justice spotlighted the subject for their 2018 Newman Lecture on Feb. 22.

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Featured Alumni: Marc Himes, '01 MSW

Marc Himes edited

Marc Himes is the program manager for the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families. The Columbia-based organization is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System and supports statewide fatherhood programs serving fathers and families. He is also a current MSW field instructor.

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Opioids and the Workplace

The College of Social Work will sponsor the inaugural Integrated Behavioral Health Symposium at the USC Alumni Center on Monday, Feb. 12. The keynote address, Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health Care: How Far We've Come, will be delivered by Joseph Parks, MD, Medical Director, National Council for Behavioral Health.

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College of Social Publications 

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